Sándor Vineyards | Arizona
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Creating Relationships  One Glass at a Time

Sándor (SHAHN-dor) Vineyards is located at the base of the Chiricahua Mountains in Pearce, Arizona. Sitting at 4,877 feet above sea level, the terroir creates ideal conditions for our Rhône varietals of Petite Sirah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre.

We are a family run boutique vineyard whose mission is to provide high-quality wines.

Whereas our wines pair beautifully with assorted foods or simply by themselves, they are crafted to be shared with others while nurturing relationships.

Wines for Enthusiasts Who Value Authenticity.

2015 Rosé of Grenache

Our  Rose’ of Grenache drinks like a mature wine. When you inhale its lovely fragrance, you’ll find rich berries and toasty oak which continue in the mouth where the abundance of fruit continues with deep, red berry flavors. The wine coats the mouth with strawberry and toast overtones, balanced by crisp acids which linger on the palate.


2015 Petite Sirah

This Petite Sirah is a comfortable, sipping wine. The nose opens with musky, woodsy aromas which explode as the wine warms in the glass. The first sip is euphoric, as flavors of ripe fruit and touches of black pepper fill the mouth and linger on the palate.